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For nearly 150 years, St. John the Evangelist School has provided a school where education, service, and math combine to provide each student a foundation of high standards in knowledge and ethics. St. John’s was established as an elementary school in 1877 and was originally staffed by the Dominican Sisters. Today, as a Catholic elementary and middle school, the teaching philosophy at St. John’s is guided by the belief that each student is a unique gift to God, created with special gifts and talents. It is our goal to nurture and develop those gifts to the benefit of the Church and the community.

Close to 60 years ago (1967), a new eight room grade school and gymnasium were built south of the present church. At the time it was built, the facility was considered one of the most modern in the area. Since its construction, the school has served the parish, staff, students and communities across Greene County with over 800 students graduating. The school has been fully utilized through the years and, in the recent years, enrollment in many of the classes is capped due to space and facility constraints that can’t provide for the demand.

The time has come to invest in renewal and expansion of the St. John’s School facilities to serve the parish staff and students of the future. A parish committee has worked with the diocese and architects to define a project to expand and modernize the school. They have engaged the staff, students, and the parish to understand and define the facility needs for the future. Expanding and updating the facilities is projected to cost approximately $4 million. The committee has proposed addressing the facility needs in two phases.

While there are many needs, the most pressing is to provide a safe and accessible location for the school meals and other functions. Currently, students must go outside, across the parking lot and downstairs into the basement of another building where meals are served. While the staff has made this work for years, the parish is committed to a building project to provide modern, safe, and accessible facilities for serving the staff and students. This facility can also be used as a multipurpose room for other school and parish events. The first phase is projected to cost $2.3 million.

For about 150 years, St. John the Evangelist school has served multiple generations of children from the same families as well as numerous children and families from the parish and the communities of Greene County. St. John’s is staffed by dedicated teachers and administrators who have devoted their lives to the formation of our young people. The Catholic school system Is a central pillar of the parish faith community and brings much vitality, purpose, and clarity of mission. St. John’s is seeking financial support for these facility projects from the parish, community, and organizations that support parish schools. Broad commitment to this facility campaign will provide future generations the opportunity for a quality education formed in faith. This campaign will provide the modern facilities required to ensure a safe and supportive environment for learning and development at St. John’s.


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Phase I - $2.3M

  • Cafeteria/Multi Purpose Room
  • Kitchen
  • Storage room for kitchen supplies and coolers
  • Large classroom for instruction

Phase II - $1.7M

  • Replace windows in existing building
  • Replace HVAC in existing building
  • Additional classrooms/space to integrate pre-k students into school facility